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breast lump

Hi. I was just at the doctor and he said I had fibercystic breasts. I do have a small pea sized round, smooth bump on about the lower/middle of my right breast. There is no changes on the skin above the lump. I am getting a ultrasound done on next Friday. I am scared because I have a 5 month baby. I was told to put warm compresses on and he would see me next week. If its still there next week then he would continue with the ultrasound. It only hurts a little bit when I touch it. The lump is moveable but harder. When i do the warm compresses it makes it a little bit softer and it does go down small amount. I have not received my period yet and i quit breastfeeding on oct 23. Any help to ease my mind would help.

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Many women ,when they stop breastfeeding,they notice a lump in their breast and often times it could just be a clogged milk duct or maybe a cyst.
It's really hard to say what this lump could be,but as your doctor suggested keep applying warm compresses and see how it goes.
I hope that your upcoming ultrasound, will show a benign finding.
Best wishes....
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he also mentioned that i had fibrocyctic breasts. i thought i might have had thsi earlier when i was breastfeeding but it was really hard to tell. I got my period today and wasnt to sure if the hormones from that would cause it to go down. It was a llittle more tender today
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it was more tender could that be from the hormones from my first period after pregnancy. It got alot looser as more heat and massage was applied. It felt llike fat when i did that. What  would this sound like?
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Hi again,
The only advice I could give you is to have this lump evaluated,because there are so many reasons for a lump to appear in the breast.
It could be hormonal,clogged milk duct,cyst,fibroadenoma or something more serious.
Without the benefit of some tests,it's impossible to obtain an accurate diagnosis over the internet.
I hope that you did have your ultrasound today,but if you didn't,I would urge you to make an appointment to have the test done, just to be on the safe side and for your own peace of mind.
Take care...
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