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breast lump

hi everyone,
I am a 25 year old female. i have this problem going on. I need help to figure out.
8 months ago i had pain in my right breast but did not feel any lump or anything, due to my family history (mother had breast cancer) i got scared. i did an ultrasound and not mammography as the doctors suggested that mammography cant be done for my age. the ultrasound results came normal. everything was fine. no lump lesion or cyst.  then 5 months ago i had a clinical breast examination and the doc said i don’t feel anything and everything seems to be fine. then a month back i had chest pain, as I am a severe hypochondriac i over reacted again and had a CT scan for full upper body (from throat till cervix) and everything was normal. the CT scan included my complete breast area also and it says everything is normal.
now my issue is that 3 -4 days back i accidentally touched my left breast and i felt a small kiinda thing maybe lump, it was very tiny and round. so i went to check with the doctor today she said yea i feel something very small but looks like tissues or glands only. and she said i don’t see anything suspicious . but i am still worried and really getting depressed about it. i don’t know what to do? i asked the doctor but she did not  really gave a satisfactory answer. should i do another ultrasound?? please help..
thank you
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At your age breast discomfort and often breast lumps are not at all uncommon. With a hormonal connection cysts and fibroadenomas can develop, grow, cause considerable discomfort and even vary in size depending on monthly cycle. You have had testa and all were negative so I see no reason to become overly stressed over this. Fibrocystic breast condition affects nearly half of all women, even starting in the teen years. You Dr. is correct about Mammograms at your age .... the breast tissue is quite dense and a Mammogram is of little value. You could request another US but I think it would most likely not show more than the others.  Regards .....
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