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breast lump

Had a lump checked by dr., had a mamogram and ultrasound but it was negative. My dr. put me on an antibiotic and rechecked my lump yesterday and said that it is probably an infection and to check back in 6 months. Should I be worried or just let him handle it. Iv'e had cervicle cancer and am nervous
Thank You
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Dear amye:  You do not mention your age or risk for breast cancer.  Is the lump still there?  If it has gone away with the antibiotics, then checking again in 6 months is probably okay.  However, if the lump is still there, more investigation (such as a biopsy) may be appropriate.  Either way, if you are uncomfortable, consider another opinion.
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Thank you for responding. I am 35 and on my mothers side there has been breast cancer. The lump is still present and I notice that there a small one developing next to it. I am trying to have confidence in my dr., yet I have this in the back of mind every day that I see the lump,lumps now.
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I hope everything went just fine. Please let me know what has happened since my mother has the same problem. And the Doctor recomended a Biospy, Did you have the Biopsy ? What were the results ?
Thanks for your help
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