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breast lump

I have a breast lump now with nipple discharge. It started out as a lump now I have brusing and a larger raised area. Now with increased pain even in armpit area and a lump there as well. It is difficult to raise arm because of pain.  I have had no trauma. I thought at first it was nothing until it started being very uncomfortable. Have appointment soon. Should I be worried?
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Dear Susie R:  There are many possible explanations for breast lumps.  Without evaluation, it is not possible for us to speculate on what this lump may be.  As a rule, any new lump should be evaluated by a physician.  
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By the time I went to the Dr I had an open area appears like a burn red painful and draining. He said it was mastitis and treated with ATB x 7 days. Now area larger and more drainage. He could not feel a lump but now that it is an open area it is gone. I still have fevers daily and getting very frustrated that it is getting worse. He is unable to do a mamogram yet because of an ? infection. Could it be an abcess? and not mastitis.
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