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breast lump

I am a 49 yo male who is in excellent physical condition and is thin. Yesterday I noticed my right breast was very sore. Upon inspection I noticed an area the size of a half dollar on my skin that is red and very tender. It extends from the areola toward the collarbone. Underneath the skin there is a small lump that is about 1/2 inch across. When I pinch the same small area of the left breast I get only about 1/8 inch of just skin, so obviously something abnormal is going on just under the surface of the right breast.

When I pinch the entire nipple and surrounding area on the left breast I can feel a nodule that is maybe 1 inch in diameter. With the right breast the nodule feels about 1.5 inches across so it obviously extends deeper than just the small part I can feel when I pinch a very localized surface area.

I understand that breast cancer is usually painless and that this lump is probably something else, but can anyone give me an idea if it might be cancer. I am not on any medication that could cause a problem. It isn't gynecomastia, which I had as a kid, so I know what that feels/looks like, and the presentation is much different.

Also, I plan on seeing the Dr. as soon as possible but what do you think the odds are of him wanting to do some kind of a biopsy based on what I have described.


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Dear Jeff:  Without evaluation, it is impossible for us to speculate on what this may be.  A painful red nodule could be a simple as a bug bite or infection but examination would be necessary to sort that out.  Our advice is to see your doctor for evaluation.
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