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breast lump

i am 23 years old. on sunday december 30,2007, i noticed a very didtsinct lump on the right lateral outer part of my breast  it is non mobileand  nonpainful there is no  history of breast cancer in my familly and i am really scared. any way 3-4 days later it started to decrease in size but  i am stilll worried and would like to see my GYN right away but i wont till next monday. please help with any advice possible.  thanks  mandy
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Mandy, I am certainly no expert, but from all of the research I have done it is highly unlikely that the lump you have noticed is cancer given your age and the fact that it has actually decreased in size. Get it checked out, but try not to worry - it is probably nothing serious
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Thats really comforting to hear thanks for tha advice. but ill certainly get it checked out on monday thanku
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I agree, if it decreased in size, it's probably a fibroadenoma.  Still get it checked out, JIC.  If they tell you to get a biopsy to be sure, get one.  That's really the only definitive way unless someone is just POSITIVE it's benign.  Plus, a mammogram for a baseline image wouldn't hurt, either.

Best of luck!
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You need not worry.
The chances that this is cancerous are minimal.
Does this alter in size and tenderness in association with your menstrual cycle?
If so, then it is a fibroadenoma.
Have you noticed any other abnormal features on breast self exam like nipple discharge or skin changes?
If the lump resolves then you can relax, but if it still persists then it would be ebst to get a clinical examination done - you would also be asked to get an ultrasound done to see if it is a cyst or a solid lesion.
Do let us know on your progress.
Hope this helps.
Good luck.
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