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breast lump

I have had a lump in my right breast for about 2 yrs now. I have had it checked twice and both of the findings were "probably benign" it is a fairly good sized lump about 4cm  if I remember correctly. I was wondering because (and maybe it's just me) my right breast seems to be considerably (and noticeably) smaller than my left one. Is it possible for a large lump to stunt or prevent normal growth in a breast? Should I have the lump removed even though it is probably benign?
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You could get the lump removed if it is causing pressure symptoms, pain or you feeling uneasy about it. A benign lump is otherwise managed conservatively, with regular breast self exams and periodic follow ups with your physician.

About the reduced growth - it is not common for a benign lump to slow the normal growth of the breast tissue ; but in some cases the fibrosis associated with a lump could cause a reduction in the breast size. You need to discuss this with your doctor, because nothing can be said with a clinical examination.

Do tell us know about what your doctor says.
Hope this helps.
Good luck.
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Did you notice any changes (increase in size, tenderness) in the breast lump?  The breast lump could be a fibroadenoma and is a benign condition.  What you should do is continue to be vigilant in observing any changes.
There are women who have asymmetrical breast.  The lump will not prevent its growth.  Sometimes, the handedness of the person affects the breast size (say a right-handed person will notice a slightly bigger right breast relative to the left).  This could be due to the more developed muscle on the right side.
Hope that helped.
Good luck.
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