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breast lump

My eight year old little girl has one breast and nipple that is swollen, a little hot to the touch and has an acorn sized lump behind her nipple. She says it hurts to touch it, I have made an appt with her dr on Monday, but should I have her seen before?
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I am not a doctor.  However, my little girl stuck herself in the nipple of her left breast.  It was warm, painful, and swollen.  I took her to the er and she ended up being okay.  Find out if your daughter poked herself with anything by accident.  Regardless, you are worried so take her to the er.  Follow up with that doctor on monday
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thanks, and yes I am very worried.. She said that she has not poked herself and that noone has bumped into her...I just want to do whatever is in her best interest. Thanks for responding
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This could be due to trauma, injury to the site - maybe she does not remember it ; it could also be due to an infection or wearing tight clothes.

Does any of this sound as the probable cause to you. As you are right - nothing can be said without a proper clinical examination and you should in fact go ahead with your appointment. She would probably be given antibiotics and pain relief medications.

Till then you could try some warm compresses and see if it helps.

Let us know how the appointment with the doctor went and what was advised.

Keep us posted on how she is doing.

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