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breast lump

hiya im 19 and i found a lump in my right breast about 2 weeks ago, and i went to the doctors and he said he could feel it but doesnt think its cancerous but is stil sending me for a breast screening. since i have been to the doctors i have devloped a pain in my right armpit which is causing discomfort and i think it might have something to do with the lump. i have read that if u have breast cancer it can sometimes start in the armpit, i can feel a small lump but dont know if its normal. What are my chances of having breast cancer at my age and with no family histroy that i know of?
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I am a physician recently also dx with breast cancer.  Without a family history of breast cancer (meaning for mother,aunts do not carry the brca gene), I would say your chance of breast cancer is low at age 19. Cyst and other benign conditions are more prevalent.   Still, get the mammogram (ultrasound if anything looks abnormal on mammogram)  and continue to do monthly breast exams.  I usually tell my patients to be familiar with your breast b/c you see them more than any MD, and can pick up changes.  

Take care
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thanks for your advice,
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