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breast lump

i have been told the lump in my l breast is suspious by my gp he doesnt think its a cyst its the size ov a ten pence roundish and lumpy i have no pain . gp also says he suspects its been there for some time im so frightened im a single mum its always been jus me and my little . could it b anything else apart from bc  im booked 4a mannagram in morning and appoinment with surgical deppartment in afternoon in just over a week it feels like waitin a life time. iv also been told i have a mass in my l ovary could they b connected the scan on ovary said it could b enometrioma i have also had pain when breathin around my lung area the chest xray says nothin but larger than normal lungs is this suspious pls help i can sleep or eat im not dealing with all this very well
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I'm sorry to hear that you are in this much anxiety, but unfortunately, all of these worries may make your condition worse.  The most common causes of breast lumps are still benign conditions such as fibroadenoma or fibrocystic disease.  These are changes brought about by fluctuations in a person's hormone levels that coincide with the menstrual cycle.  The condition in the ovary and the lungs I believe are not related to the present breast condition but still has to be observed and followed up as your doctor prescribes.  I agree with the mammogram as this would give your doctor the idea on the nature of the lump, and possibly do a biopsy later if he deemed it necessary.  I suggest that you stay calm and follow your doctor's recommendations.  I hope that all of these tests will turn out fine.

Regards and God bless.
509587 tn?1212005021
thank u so much for replying i am starting 2b abit calmer thank u xxxx
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It's hard waiting to hear the results.  It is human nature to fear the worst.  However the majority of breast lumps turn out to be nothing serious. Try to relax a bit.  You cannot change the outcome, but just enjoy some time with your daughter this weekend.  

As you can see, if and only if you receive bad news, there are loads of ladies who have been through BC and come out the other side.  We all have different stories and yet similar at the same time.  

Let us know how you get on.
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