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breast lump

I am 52, I dont have my period since 2 years ago. I nurse my children until 8 yaers ago and I never stop produce milk, it didn't bother me , it only came out if I pressed hard.
I did a lot a testes before and they said that what I had was milk.
Now I found a lump over the aureola and I squeezed hard and a liquid that looks like milf and some transparent came out and after dry it was yellow came out and my breast started to hurt. What that could be? It is in the left side and sometimes I had some pain and I thought, but now is coming and going, I put a bra and feels better, I dont know if I should squeeze more?

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Hi there.

This discharge from the breast can have several causes.  One is that this can just be the natural breast secretions that got accumulated.  Another is that this can represent an infection of some glands in the areola or even the breast tissues themselves.  Uncommonly, persistent breast discharge may be a sign of a condition called galactorrhea which may be related to some hormonal abnormality (pituitary problems).  Lumps with discharge may also represent fibrocystic disease, or less commonly a malignancy.

As there can be several causes I would recommend that this be evaluated by your doctor.

Regards and God bless.
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Thank you! Went away the lump and the pain! So, it must be that the secretion got acumulated! Thank God!
But anyway, I will try to do a check up!
God bless you too!
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