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breast lump

I do worry of my breast since i have 2 breast biopsy in a year and turn out to be fibroidenoma, one on the right and the other on the left.  i just have a question,  now seem i have lumps on the left breast and one is located the same place as the original lump which has been removed last year and the other one is in a new place.  my question is it going to be increasing possibility the lump i find out now which located at the place i got biopsy is cancer or there is no relation with that.  i will meet my surgeon in 2 weeks, i am just too nervous about that.  thank you so much for trying to respond my question soon
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The results of your previous biopsies is very good news! The fact that you are experiencing further "lumps" is not unusual given the diagnosis of fibroadenomas (which can recur and/or occur in other areas of the breast)  There is at this time no indication of any of these lumps being cancerous, and the fact that you had a biopsy and lumpectomy in the same general area does not indicate cancer either.
Meet with your surgeon and go over the ultrasound/mammogram results and proceed from there.  Should he decide a biopsy is needed, followup appropriately.  Your risk for developing a cancer is not higher given your previous results.
Take care and keep us posted!
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