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breast mass

Getting information has been difficult.  I have a mass in my left breast just behind the nipple/areola.
I have had the multiple views mammogram and ultrasound.  What info I have from the radiologists is
on the report it states a solid, spiculated mass measuring 2.5cmX1.9cmX2.3cm that has well defined borders, more than expected but irregular shape.  I know I need the biopsy but can you give any inforamtion as to the possibilites and probabilities of what this might be.  It appeared rather quickly around the first of the year and is tender, dull aches most of the time with shooting pains almost daily.  There is no nipple drainage.  THank you for you help.
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Dear sundancer405,  Without ability to evaluate the test results and physical examination it is difficult to give an opinion about this finding.   The next appropriate step would be a biopsy to determine what it is.  Follow-up with the breast surgeon is appropriate.  They will best be able to fully evaluate your situation.

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I would say it's a cancer until proven otherwise.  I think the next most likely possibility would be some sort of abscess.  If you've had trauma to the breast then it could be a hematoma.  Without actually seeing it, it's impossible to give a probability based only on a probability  Radiologists assign a score, called a Birads score to all lesions they find as a way of quantifying there suspicion of a lesion being cancerous.  Those that require biopys are Birads 4 or 5.  5 being >95% chance of being malignant and 4 is <95%.  Some radiologists will further break down the Birads 4s into 4a, 4b, and 4c.  4a is between 2 and 30% give or take, 4b is between 30 and 60% give or take, and 4c is between 60 and 95% give or take.  So if you can find out the Birads score which should be at the bottom of the report, then you will have an idea of how suspicious the radiologist is.  Keep in mind though that there's nothing magical about the Birads score, because there are plenty of Birads 5s that turn out to be benign lesions, more than the 5% you would expect from the information above.  In other words, there is a tendency for radiologists to inflate the Birads score as a way of erring on the safe side.

Good luck with the biopsy.
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Fourth sentence should read "probability based only on a report."
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I just found out I have the same thing..same breast, mass, definately a tumor not a cyst. But the radiologist said it could be Fibroadenoma--which is a benign type of tumor--but won't be sure until surgery. Is your biopsy surgical? Mine is....and I was hoping I could do a needle biopsy instead....hang in there...
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I have breast masses on both breast.Breast mass on my left is quite painful compared to those on my right.I just want to know which is more alarming/dangerous those that are painful or not.Actually my breast mass on my right breast developed into a solid mass with birad 3.My OB-Gyne gave me that option to have it surgically removed or wait for another 6 mos for further monitoring.Right now i haven't decided if i want it to be remove.

Please help!
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I had a BIRAD5 for a spiculated mass and it turned out to be a late stage fat necrosis. Funny thing about fat necrosis (I spent some time researching it). It changes over time, and often it appears as a spiculated mass in late stage, with microcalcifications. VERY scary, very BIRAD5, but benign.
I say this because ALL breast masses are scary enough to cause major anxiety. I still suffer from breast cancer anxiety from my experience. All I can say is don't assume the worst until you hear it confirmed. The entire process is stressful enough. Try to stay positive and remember that even BIRAD5 has 5% statistical benign biopsy results.
Get the tests done and wait for the results. That alone is stressful.
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