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breast pain , breast lump, and armpit lump

I am 22 yrs old. i have 3 solid lumps in my right breast that move alot when i touch them and can be very tender at times. I had a ultrasound done and doctors said that they were fibroadenomas. But now my left breast is hurting i found a lump but this one is small  and very painful, and soft. It gives me lots of pain that shoots up my armpit. The pain usually comes and goes with my period but lately the pain has stayed even after my period. Now i think i feel a small lump in my armpit. What can this be? Should I be scared? I made a doctors appointment for next week. Im very worrie and scared.
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There seems to be no cause of alarm here. I suggest you relax and stay calm.

Fibroadenomas are the most common cause of breast mass in your age group .They are caused by fibrous and glandular changes in the breast and are affected by hormonal changes in the body.This may explain that most of them enlarge and become painful in the menstrual cycle or  may recede and  disappear in due time. Fibroadenomas are usually solitary but they may also be multiple.They may also enlarge and cause pain.

Taking OTC analgesics may relieve the pain caused by the fibroadenomas.However, push through with your physician consult for further evaluation. I feel that you are highly anxious and the lump causes pain and discomfort.A biopsy may be done for a definite diagnosis of the lump and also to allay your fears.

Is there a strong history of cancer in your family?

Continue doing self breast examinations and note any changes in your breasts and surrounding areas like the armpits.

Keep us posted regarding your progress.

Remember to keep a record of all your scans for future reference.
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Thank you very much for the info. What has me so scare is the pain im getting under my armpit and sometimes shoots down my arm. My breast are always in pain. Theirs no history of breast cancer. And also the new lump i found in my left breast. Thanks again
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