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breast pain

i m 20 yr old n m having a throbbing type of pain in left breast which is not continousn i feel it whenever i move my arm it radiates to axilla n to elbow too but very rarely
i also feel accompanying pain in left scapula
this pain started as a sort of burning pain in left breast after fast walking n running but type of pain has changed with passage of time. i also consulted a physician who just said me that its a muscular pain but still i feel that size of left breast is  little larger than right one
wot shud i do now???
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Hi, In my opinion I think your doctor is right,you might have strained a muscle and this can be quite painful.Fast walking is a strenuous exercise that involves your arms as much as your legs. If you are not fully satisfied with your doctor's answer then seek another opinion so that you can put your mind at ease.Take care.
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