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breast pain

I had a lumpectomy on August 7th of this year.  The surgeon also biopsied 2 lymph nodes which were negative.  My breast has been more firm since surgery and I was told it would soffen up in time.  My question is up until yesterday I have had no pain.  Now I have pain in the area where the lymph node biopsy was done.  I thought it seemed strange I am all of a sudden experiencing pain upon movement of my left arm.  Is this normal?  

Also, I am doing chemo and having been experiencing eye twitching.  Is that a side effect of chemo and if so will it go away?
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As far as the side effect of the Chemo; that is a question for your Oncologist.
The pain may well be associated with the surgery; possibly some scar tissue that is interferring with the motion of your arm. If this continues or gets worse you might consider seeing a Physical Therapist trained in Lymphedema treatment for some gentle stretching exercises that may be of benefit.   Regards ...
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