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breast pain

I am 33 years old and a hypochondriac on top of that.  I have had left breast pain for 3 years now off and on.  I have no insurance and I am such a worrier.  My left breast when I push on it in a certain place it hurts.  It's not something I can't live with, but I just want to know if it's normal. I have very lumpy breast anyways I feel all kinds of bumps and lumps in both of my breasts.  I don't have any history on either side of my family of breast cancer, but I am overweight, so I never rule breast cancer out.  I am going to make an appointment with the health clinic within the next few weeks, so I just wanted someone's opinion on if I should prepare myself for possible dissappointment or should I just calm down.  I have so much anxiety and have been talking about it for 3 years and driving my family and friends crazy about it. Please help me with any answers you may have!
Thank you so much!
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Hi, I think that what's most likely going on with you is that you have fibrocystic breasts. This is a common condition affecting many women and it's uncomfortable, painful or no big deal.
What you are describing is not cancer, as that would manifest only in one breast and not feel like a 'lumpy' feeling all over.

Fibrcystic breasts also tend to get worse before you get your period and then easy up after menstruation begins, Is that true for you?

I am not the type who goes for natural product cures, but for your problem there are really things you can do that would help. For myself when I had what you had for a while, it really helped to take Vit E daily. (I was astonished by the difference this made)  others here may mention more products that I am unable to know how to spell at the moment.

It really helps to reduce your intake of caffeine as well.

Mostly what I wanted to say is that the condition is common and not cancer related and you should look more up on it on the Internet.

Also, I wanted to  say that if I didn't know anything about this, i would also be a hypochondriac and worried, because fibrocystic breasts are not a pleasure to live with and  can easily be interpreted as something serious.

Take care, Katrin
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I wouldn't worry about this too much.  I have fibrocystic breasts.  The pain can get quite intesense, especially during that time of the month.  I get a digital mammogram every year now, especially since I have 2 older sister that had breast cancer.  It is a good thing that you are going to the clinic to get checked to put your mind at ease.  
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I am 34 and suffered from extreme breast pain for over a year. After seeing a holistic breast specialist, I discovered that I was hormonally unbalanced. I was estrogen dominant, with extremely low levels of progesterone. Also, I was deficient on EFA's and iodine. Within two months of adding iodine drops to my skin, applying bio-identical progesterone from day 14-28 of my cycle and adding EFA's containing flax, borage and fish oils, I can now say I am pain free!!!  Not only that, I can feel dramatic change in breast lumpiness. No more strong painkillers and cold packs.
P.S I am alos a hypochondriac and I lost my mom to Cancer at christmas so I was worried about my breast pain and lumps all the time.
Take care
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If you indeed have fibrocystic breasts (which I dealed with) I would highly recommend vitamin E and avoid caffine, cola products and chocolate.  I really benefited buy the vitamin E and avoidance of caffine.  Take care
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Thank you all for your imput!!! you have no idea what it means to me to hear that...I also have the mirena IUD so I read that it can cause breast tenderness and pain...I have had my IUD for 5 years now and it was supposed to be out in October, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.  The pain is in my left breast only, but it comes and goes (and when I wear a certain bra with a wire in it, it makes it hurt more often)  I have such a problem with chocolate and caffein! my coffee is coke..lol I love to have my coke in the morning and I have to have something sweet...but I guess if I want things to feel better or get better I need to just calm down stop with all that and exercise! I am going to get my IUD out later this month and we'll see if that changes anything?! Anyone know anything about if that could be part of the problem?

Thank you all so much!!
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Definitely the IUD can cause breast pain or tenderness, including acne, back pain, headache etc..
It's a good thing that you are having the IUD removed to see if things get better.
Wearing a good supportive bra (No wire) can help with the pain.Some women may also find relief by using oil of primrose (3 grams a day) and Vitamin E(You should always ask your doctor before taking any vitamin)
Coke in the morning? That's a first I hear about! LOL.
Seriously,I think that you should make an extra effort to change your eating habits..In the long run it can only benefit you and keep you healthier.
Caffeine intake is certainly not helping your situation and many women found relief when they eliminated it from their diet.
All the best to you....
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Changing your diet doesn't have to being an 'all or nothing', you know? Sometimes when I try too hard to change something, that backfires. (i.e. when I am aware that I am really low on money i tend to spend twice as much, or if I am determined to diet, I eat twice as much?)

just cut down and try to look at such as something you want to do rather than a deprivation. And add the Vit E, and/or Evening primrose oil, both of which
will be easy to add.

I agree with all that has been said except for the always making sure your doctor knows best. most doctors had perhaps one hour class about nutrition and natural supplements in medical School, and know absolutely nothing. (Sorry, zouzi, this is not at all a criticism of you and you know so much....)  KATRIN
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Hi Kat,
You are absolutely right when you say that when people are advised to stop certain habits,they usually don't.....I am one of those people when I am told not to eat chocolate LOL....I know it's not good "too much of anything",but at least I have cut it down a great deal! You can ask bb about that LOL..
Now,concerning "Vitamin E",I always advise poster to ask their doctors first, only because I've learned that it's not safe to take it if a woman is pregnant or perhaps is breast feeding or is taking warfarin (coumadin) or if the person has allergies. Please check on this link below.
All the best to you Kat...
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'zouzi says:  'You can ask bb about that LOL'

No way would I trust bb with chocolate.

Remember when she posted those chocolate brownies, the most delicious looking I can think of, and then rubbed it in our faces.....to help us reduce our desires and cravings?

bb is a bad influence!!!! But don't tell her, or she will stop being my friend.

PS: I didn't know about the stuff you mentioned. thanks, zouzi. KAT
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Sorry mrsvslady30 for using your thread to answer Kat's comment.

Kat, I only remember too well about those succulent brownies and Fudges,bb had posted.
I  gained 10 pounds just looking at them!
Yes she is a bad influence when it concerns chocolate stuff,but who wouldn't like to be her friend? not me for sure! .(Yes we'll keep it between us) LOL
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Okay, keep it up and I'll put the pictures back!

Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and among other benefits, lowers blood pressure. That (of course) is the ONLY reason I displayed the pictrues, LOL!

Luv ya both...
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