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breast pain

I am over 50 years of age, I have been through menopause for over 2 years.  My cycles were always normal.  I have two sisters with breast cancer.   In the past 4 months i have experience pain in my right breast.  I had my mammogram & it came back normal, I then had an ultra sound which also came back normal.  With family history I was referred to a breast surgeon who said since no lumps and both previous test normal that it was normal for women to have breast pain.  The pain keeps increasing.  Pain killers, elimiating caffiene, & nothing else has help.  I went to my family doctor & he thought inflammation & gave me a shot of coritsone & put my on predisone.  for a couple days it seemed to help.  Now the pain is back.  After reading blogs it seems we have to live with pain.  I just want to know what I can do to eliminate the pain.  I do not fear cancer, I just want to know how to stop my 4 months of pain that bring tears to my eyes at time.   My pain does move a little from right side to upper breast/underarm at time. If this is so common why can't someone find a cure to help us!  
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Pain in the breast could be due to many causes.Since your Mammogram and Ultrasound were normal,,then the pain could be caused by a fluctuation of hormones, and the lack of estrogen due to menopause, is what could lead to breast pain. Stress levels are also linked to your hormones and fluctuation is more likely when you have stress.
The pain could also be caused by a pinched nerve,a pulled ligament or muscle.
Costochondritis which is an arthritis condition could cause pain in the breast as well as weight gain and certain types of medication such as the ones used for treatment of menopausal symptoms..
I don't think that your symptoms are indicative of breast cancer,but I think you should pursue this matter,because of your family history.Please  discuss with your doctor to consider ordering an MRI .If the MRI test results is also normal,,then you could consult a Neurologist to find out if the pain you are experiencing is caused by a neurological problem.
In the meantime,to help reduce breast pain try wearing a good supportive bra to reduce breast movement.Many women with breast pain find it comfortable to wear a bra even while they sleep.
Try to reduce caffeine intake (coffee, tea, soft drinks, chocolate).Reduce salt consumption and increase the amount of water that you drink.
Also maintain a low fat diet rich in fruits and  vegetables...Losing excess weight may reduce breast pain. Primrose oil is believed to be effective in reducing for breast pain.
I am so sorry that you have so much pain! but I really hope that you'll soon find an answer to solve this problem.
Best wishes and good luck!
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