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breast palpable lump

Hi - I'm scheduled for a biopsy in a few weeks but can someone define what my u/s report means.  At 2'o'clock there is a hypoechoic mass w/central more radiolucent area.  This measures approx 12x11x13mm in diameter & shows some internal doppler flow signal.  This corresponds to the patients palpable lump & is worrisome for neoplasm.  Recommend further evaluation via biopsy.  In the vicinity there is a small hypoechoic area 4mm in diameter, consistent with a small cyst.  This shows some enhanced through transmission & is unlikely of significance.

Thank you so much!
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I can't say much except that the mass that can be felt has some characteristics that raise suspicion of a cancerous mass. Keep in mind that this is ONLY a SUSPICION and not a diagnosis. There seems to also be a very small cyst in the same area which is evidently of little or no concern. It always takes a biopsy of the lump to determine it's true nature. Many findings may appear to have some characteristics of cancer but are NOT when studied under the microscope. Keep us posted and try not to jump to any conclusions ... it's a one step at a time process and it never moves fast enough when we have nothing to do but "wait".  Regards
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Thank you so much for your reply.  My biopsy is in a couple of weeks - I'll keep you posted.
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Just wanted to add my good wishes and hopes for a benign result on your biopsy. About 80% of biopsies have benign findings, so the odds are in your favor. We have had many women here who's lumps were thought to be cancerous and the results were benign. Even if the results are positive, there's every reason to be hopeful because it will have been caught early and highly treatable. Try to stay positive and keep busy so the time will pass more quickly.
We'll be thinking of you and wishing you all the best. We always appreciate when the results are posted and we're here to provide support whenever you need it.
Take care,
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Just a suggestion: Comments such as yours usually get more viewers when they are posted as  new, "informational" threads, rather than tacked on the bottom of someone else's thread, in which they requested help with a specific issue.

Also, please note that Avastin is NOT a narcotic...
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