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breast problems

I had had my nipples pierced for almost five years, re-piercing them three times each during that frame of time. About 3 years ago, I had popped a bump on my areola around the top right, it scabbed over and I popped it again but a bunch of pus-like fluid (didn't smell) that was mixed with a little blood seeped out for over an hour. I left it to heal and the two holes it came out of never healed, they are still there. About a year ago to date, I was having minute pains in the same breast, and after a shower I took out the piercing and squeezed. Again, the same fluid came out. I know I should take the piercings out but the holes don't leak or anything. If I squeeze my nipple, very thick very tiny amounts of pus come out, it is almost like popping a blackhead. This breast is sensitive on the right top area to squeeze, not the nipple but the breast. I have an appointment with a gyno for the first time on Monday and I am afraid I may have Mastitis or an absess or a cyst. What does anyone else think? If I could I would post a photo of the area on my nipple.
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I don’t think this problem has anything to do with breast cancer, but surely it indicates an infection under your nipple that should be treated as soon as possible with medication.
For the time being keep the area clean, don’t squeeze your nipple and I think it would be best to remove the piercings until you see your Doctor  so treatment can start to get rid of the infection. Okay?
Take care…
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I think you might be right and your next move is to go to the Dr., first for an examination and then I'm quite sure there will be some type of antibiotic ordered for this obvious infection. We couldn't inform you of any additional options even with a photo.  Lets hope it is ONLY an abscess since Mastitis is very difficult to deal with and can take months or even longer to cure. MAKE THAT CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT IN THE MORNING !!! These things only get worse when you wait ....   Regards ...
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Thank you guys for answering my question and for not making me feel like a bumbling idiot. I put a hot compress on my breast for a while and have been very gently massaging it (gets rid of my discomfort), and took it out. I will keep you updated.
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Ha, Ha, Ha .... couldn't help but chuckle over that one. We aren't here to make anyone feel like a "bumbling idiot" .... You know the only "stupid" question is the one that isn't ask or goes without an answer. If we don't know the answer we'll surely tell you where you might find it. I do hope that you're going to follow-up and ck. with your Dr. ......  YES ????
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