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breast swollen glands & pain

Hi, I'm 31 years old. My right
Right step prenatal vitamins
breast has leaked a milk substance
for about 4 months. It doesn't always happen, and usually it will only come out if i squeeze the nipple. I have one child 3 yeras old , and i stopped feeding 2 years back. I  have irregular periods. I've had my breasts checked by a doctor, she does n't give me right answer. iam afraid.

Recently however, the same breast has a hard part, almost as if a gland inside is swollen
Swollen glands
i'm sure something  could be wrong? or if
Swollen glands and leaking are at all normal for someone my age?
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Here is a link to a recent thread that will give you some information about the breast leakage issue:


Regarding the "hard part" in your breast, if this was not there when the doctor examined you, go back to her again. And if you still don't feel comfortable about it, you could request an ultrasound (or whatever type of imaging she would recommend.)

Best wishes...
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