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breast vessels

Hi.....I have numerous small red to purple vessels on my right breast ,i realised it before one year, now there are small red vessels in my left breast also.. and before one week i felt a small node in my left axilla,its painfull and slightly red then it regress and another on in the right axilla occured and disappeared then it return in the left axilla but now it subsided after i had antibiotics...so is this  lymphoid infection  and related to breast ??? am I need to do  breast examination????
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These tiny red/purple vessels sounds like spider veins to me.They are usually harmless,and could be caused by weight gain in that area and also by hormonal imbalance.
Usually painful lumps are not indicative of breast cancer.The swollen red nodes in both your axilla area could be an inflamed hair follicle or an indication of an  infection somewhere in the body.Looks like the antibiotic that your doctor prescribed has done it's job and cured the infection.
From what you describe,I don't think that you should be worried about breast cancer, but if you are concerned ,by all means you could consult your family doctor for a clinical breast exam so that you can be reassured about the problems you have mentioned.
I wish you well... :)
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thank you so much for answering my question and i will visit the doctor as soon as possible because i was worry to see adoctor but after your answer i wasnt...                                                                                                   wish the best to you
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