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i am having problems with my breast. My breast is a cup and i did a surgery and took out a lump which the doctor told me that its none cancerous so i have nothing to worry about. I notice that at the tip of my nipple every 2 months it grow and fall off and so it continue. I taught it was something normal until i ask a doctor at my work place and she said that its abnormal and i should run a test.what is wrong with me? a 22 year old female wearing a A cup bra
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If you had a lump removed and it was benign (not cancer) then the Surgeon was right .... you have nothing to worry about as far as the lump is concerned. The problem you have with something on the nipple is not the same thing and probably not related to your other surgery. You should see a Dr. about this ... it might be just a type of skin problem but you would need to be examined to get an answer. I would advise you to go to your regular Physician and have him/her examine your breast. I'm not sure why breasts that are an A cup in size are a problem. Many women have small breasts and that certainly isn't abnormal.  Regards ...
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