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breastfeeding with cyst

I have a sister who just got delivered her first baby and she opted to breastfeed her son
but she has this lump in her breast eversince she was 15, now she's 25 and continued her desire
to breastfeeding......would this not affect the child's health, what could be the other impact to her breastfeeding
with a cyst on her breast.

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There is no danger whatsoever if your sister wants to breast feed her baby.This cyst though, should be followed up and would warrant a biopsy if there is an increase in size and changes in the shape.Cysts as well as Fibroadenomas do not increase the risk of developing future breast cancers.
Your sister can also monitor this cyst through regular physician visits, as well as through imaging studies such as mammograms or ultrasound.
PS; Best wishes and Congratulations, to both you and your sister, for the birth of the Baby Boy!!
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