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breathing pain and lung metastasis

I had a large breast tumor but only one cancerous lymph node.  I also have an unidentified 5 mm spot on my lungs which may or may not be metastasis.  I've had surgery and just started TAC chemo on Halloween.  I've had a continuous chest pain since waking about 3 hours ago this morning.  It is mild except when I breathe deeply or yawn.  I've called my oncologist and left a message, but I don't know if those are checked on the weekend.  I'm wondering if I should go to the ER to have this checked out or take a wait-and-see approach.  I'm also wondering if this may be evidence that my lung "spot" is indeed metastasis.

Thank you for this service.
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Dear McMadre: Chest pain can occur for a number of reasons – some as simple as a gas bubble or pulled muscle to a serious heart problem.  A 5 mm spot, in most cases, would be unlikely to cause pain.  Since the pain is new and has not resolved, the right thing to do is have it evaluated.  As it was the weekend, the ER would have been the best choice.
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This particular forum is not answered by the specialist breast nurse at weekends. Personally, I would go to the ER and have your breathing checked out. Better be safe than sorry.
Good luck.
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