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bruise on breast near nipple

hi i had a small ache in my left breast lastnight and when i looked i had a good size bruise on the breast above my nipple, its looked like a love bite, you know with the reds dots of blood as if they were just under the skin, i havent hurt it or banged it recently and its definatly not a lovebite, i was worried in case it could mean sonething is wrong. its now gone but i still have a few tiny red dots where it was. i just wanted an opinion as id read somwhere to report any breast changes to the doctor but have also been very ill with the flu over last 4 days so could it be anything to do with that, thanks
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It would be very difficult to comment on the lesions without having a look at them.
From the description you give this could either be - an allergic reaction, petechiae, ecchymosis etc.
Petechiae are tiny, flat, round spots, under the skin, caused due to bleeding.
An allergic reaction could have occurred leading to a rash. Also tight clothing or trauma - accidental due to rubbing etc could have caused the lesion. Ecchymosis is a small hemorrhagic spot in the skin.
Have you noticed any abnormal feature on breast self examination? You should wear lose clothing, keep the area clean. If there is a rash or itching apply calamine lotion and take anti allergic medication.
If the red dots still persist after a few days consult your doctor to get a clinical exmination done.
Hope this helps.
Good luck.
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