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burning pain

Back in May 2012 I had an odd bout of pain, it was as if someone had beaten my upper back, I had pain that seemed to wrap around to the front causing what I would consider tightening in chest or sternum area, it lasted for 3 days,I did not go to Doctor or hospital, its a long story of husband out of town and daughter busy with two babies at home.  Did not want to bother anyone. I did think I was having a heart attack, as I do have high cholesterol.  I have had residual pain off and on in left shoulder tender spots under my left arm, and the other day I had what seemed like another attack of sorts, but this time a definite burning pain in left shoulder under arm area and burning in left breast.  Not across the whole back like first time.  This time I went for a mammogram the next day on a Saturday and then by Sunday night worse so I went to the Hospital Emergency thinking heart attack  they said I was not having a heart attack and began asking if I had been drinking, where did I just come from, I said from Bingo, (just a side note I go once a week to Bingo and I am a social drinker, if I have ten drinks in a year it is something)  So they send me home with an aspirin and two regular strength tylenol.  All this being said I would be remiss if I did not mention Prior to all this happening I had numbness in left arm and hand for over a month, when I finally went to the doctor she sent me for X-Ray on neck, doctor says I have osteo arthritis in neck, I mention I have pain in shoulder and left side, X-ray and CT Scan reveals I have multiple nodules on left lung and doctor mentions casually they thought there was something else showing on  the CT Scan, and dismisses it as if it is nothing, she said they don't think it is Cancer, but August 1st going to see lung specialist.  I don't know what to think, because I have never had this type of pain like this before, it is all new to me.  I told my doctor, my youngest Brother passed away from Pancreatic Cancer, and my father passed away from   heart attack both passed away the same year 2006.  I did some research and I have symptoms of something called Sarcoidosis, it seems spot on, as far as symptoms, but how do I bring this up to doctor or specialist with out seeming like I am self diagnosing myself?   I would like them to rule this out anyways.  I want to sign off as Dazed and confused.

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Don't be self-conscious about offering your own ideas about your condition. Often the patient is the one who discovers the cause of his illness. We live with ourselves every day. There is plenty the doctor could miss that does not show up on a test.

I am lucky in that I have two fine doctors. They listen to what I have to say and, because of that, my treatment is excellent. By the way I have diagnosed myself correctly.
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First of all I would advise you to ask your doctor for a referral to see a Breast Specialist and have this lump in your breast further  investigated by having an Ultrasound/ MRI or whatever test the doctor will recommend.
The pain you are experiencing could be due to many causes,other than breast cancer, such as Costochondritis,pinched nerve,pulled muscle, etc..
If tests show that you don't have a breast problem,then you should pursue this matter until you find out what is causing the pain you are describing.
Best wishes..
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I posted a comment about burning pain, I just want to add that I been having this pain off and on since May 2012.  I want to something called a PET Scan or MRI,  some test that could help see whats going on with me, can I request these type of tests or what?  My shoulder is hurting now and tender pain under arm close to breast.  After telling my doctor and the hospital about pain in breast also none of them felt for any lumps or bumps, I did my own breast exam and just at the outer edge, I feel a sore spot and lump the size of un popped kernel of corn, sorry I can't think of anything else to describe size, it hurts to touch it.  The mammogram was done just over a week ago, and have not heard anything, so it will probably come back normal.  Would a Ultra sound or any of the other tests I mentioned help with detecting anything that small?
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