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calcification clusters found in my breast

I just got the news that I need a biopsy for the calcium clusters found in my right breast.  When I was 13 years old I had to have large hanging cyst removed from my right arm pit.  This cluster is very close to the scar under my arm.  The doctor's back then, (1968) said that I was growing an extra mammary gland.  Could this possible by a cause for the cluster?  There is no history of breast cancer in my family.

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Breast calcifications are benign in most cases and malignant only rarely.But all calcifications that look suspicious,should be investigated for a confirmed diagnosis so that malignancy can be ruled out.
Calcifications that grow in a cluster are suspicious because they sometimes cluster around a mass,so it is standard procedure in most cases to biopsy the area.To answer your question if the calcification have formed due to past surgery when you were a teenager,I would say that it could be a possibility,but I can't be sure.
Keep in mind though,that very often biopsies done on clustered calcifications return a benign finding and I hope that your biopsy results will state the same.
Best wishes and good luck.
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