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can surgery affect cancer metastising?

I have degenerative joint disease, and had two replacements.  On the consultation for a third replacement they noticed a problem with my left breast.  The doctor expressed a concern doing joint surgery until I rule out inflammatory breast cancer via breast biopsy.  Is this right, I have one day to decide.  I really need an expert opinion.
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Dear tg468,  Having the breast issue sorted out before going for a major surgery makes sense.  Not because of worry about cancer spreading because of the replacement  surgery, but because if there was something in the breast that needed treatment, decisions about what would take precedence would need to be determined.  This could only be decided once it is clear what the problem in the breast is.

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Thank you so much for your expert advice.  I am going to follow your advice and take care of the most important and pressing problem before I worry about another joint.  Thank you again I am very grateful.  I did the diagnostic mammogram, and they said I need to see a breast surgeon now.  You have helped immensely, and I appreciate it.  


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