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how to avoid cancer
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Hi grace,wouldn't that be wonderful if we knew how to avoid this demon?I have known people who lived a very long and healthy life,even though they smoked,drank and ate poorly...while others who took very good care of their bodies,unfortunately got cancer.Nobody knows why we get cancer and how to avoid it.Maybe one day hopefully, we will succeed in eliminating this terrible disease but in the meantime we have to be vigilant by having routine mammograms and promptly seek medical assistance when we feel that something is not right. If cancer is treated early,the is a very good chance that we can beat it.Take care.
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Hi grace, Zouzi is right.  I am currently awaiting results from a biopsy in my left breast.  My mother had breast cancer and lead a much healthier life style than I have.  Unfortunately, cancer is not something that we can avoid.  But early detection and educating ourselves on our bodies is our best defense.
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