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I am a 21/2 yr BC survivor. I was Stage 1 Lobular..grade 2 1.3 cm tumor..lymp node negative. 33 rad treatments and now on Arimidex. 4 normal mammograms and ultra sounds. Question is, the affected breast suddenly has a hard place near the place of my node section. I only feel it when I am sitting up, but not lying down. I did rush to the radiologist for a mammo and also an ultr sound of that breast and the place that was in questions. She found nothing and was very thorough. I know other's know the worry somtime, but should I just relax and watch it. I go back in January for my right breast. the affected breast just is more tender and not the same of course. I have fleeting pains down that arm of the node sections sometime. Any body have any of the same situations? TY so much.
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Yes, I do! I think your best bet is to see a good physical therapist.
I also had surgery about two years ago, and now it's acting up and hard like you describe. CT scan showed nothing. It may be scar tissue or connective tissue or cording, I don't know but PT has helped me a lot and I have not gone for a few months and maybe that is why?

Just a thought! best, Katrin
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Hi, sorry you're having a rough time. The body really goes through a lot during chemo and rads. Sometimes we don't get the real side effects until much later.

I wanted to caution you about invasive lobular carcinoma and mammograms... it doesn't show up on mammograms. Ultra sounds .. sometimes but they show up really well on an MRI.

Keep in touch and let us know if physical therapy helps :)

Best wishes!
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Thanks so much for your input. My tumor was picked up by mammogram but not ultra sound. It was 1.3 cm and no nodes involvement at surgery. My doc told me that only 10percent of BC is lobular but he didn't mention them being more aggressive if they are caught early. I go back to my oncologist in Jan and I am going to see if a MRI is warranted. I will also mention the physical therapy which I haven't even thought about. I am going to get him to feel this weird place on my breast. I have to keep my mind busy or it will run wild. I know that God intends me to enjoy my life as well as being pro active with my health, so that is what I am going to strive to do. Life is too short to worry about what if's and should I, would I. My prayers are with you and I believe you are on top of the Big C word and have a wonderful future. Take care
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