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chronic left breast pain


Hi am 32 years old and been experiencing chronic/constant pain on my left breast for more than 15 years now.  Sleeping on my left side is very uncomfortable and painful most of the time.  I already consulted a breast expert and he found out around 8 cysts on both of my breast.  I was medicated accordingly and the cysts disappeared, however, the pain on my left breast did not left me.  The pain varies on scope, sometimes it is like a big needle pinching me and sometimes a swelling, all on the lower left of my breast.  I consulted a number of doctors already but they were not able to satisfy me with their answers.  So far, as prescribed by my doctor, I am taking vitamin E and been avoiding caffeine.  I also took anti-pregnancy pills and Donazol.  Can you explain to me what this might be or what my doctor might be missing? I just want this pain to go... and I hope it is nothing serious like cancer... I hope this forum could enlighten me finally... thanks... =)      
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Breast pain is a common problem in younger women who are still having periods (menstrual cycles). It is less common in older women.You seem to have done all the right things so far.I don't know if you already had an Ultrasound to find the cysts you had or if your doctor discovered them only by palpation.If you never had an U/S test then I would think that it could provide more information,in case you have a lump of some sort that your doctor cannot feel.The only advice I can give you a this time is to wear a good supportive bra,avoid caffeine,use less salt,taking Vitamin E or vitamin B6 and taking a "Water Pill" (A diuretic) and of course over the counter pain medicine.If your pain doesn't lessen, I would want to pursue this matter, your doctor could order an MRI test,just to make sure that everything is fine.Cancer is rarely associated with pain,but it's always better to investigate more until you are satisfied with the answer you get.Take care...



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Thank you for your comment.  My doctor used ultrasound, this way he found out about my cysts aside from the biggest one that he was able to feel.  I am now avoiding caffeine and taking vitamin E.  Thank you for your advice about taking less salt, I love salty food I guess I have to monitor that.  About wearing comfortable bras - my bras are all with under wire and I do not wear bra at home.  I really did not pay much attention about this, do you think this could be one of the reason for my pain?    

Thank you in advance! =)
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You welcome dear...Yes wearing a good supportive bra even when you are at home does help a lot! Watch out for the SALT.though...Hope you'll feel better soon.Take care
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