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chronic retroareola abscess

Has anyone experiecned this issue.  It is sometimes called a subareola abscess.  This is a chronic condition- I have had 3 surgeries to removed the abscess because of the pain associated with it.  It is back again and my last surgery was in November.  I quit smoking because that is what my one doctor to me the was the ONLY cause and that is I quit smoking it will stop them from returning 100% of the time.  Now I do realize that it takes awhile to clear the smoke yuck out of my system but I am now contemplating removal of the entire nipple/areola area.  Doctor explained that I am in a catch 22 situation- surgery is the only way to get rid of it  (draining will not help because it fills quickly) but the more surgeries the more trama to the area and the less healing power I have....ok so can anyone talk to me about a similar issue???????
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so I am not sure if I am getting no responses because people have no info or if ya all are upset because I posted this question under the breast cancer section.  I am sorry for that- I know I do not have cancer but I couldn't find a general breast health section???? Thanks so much..just not sure where else to turn.  I know there are way worse issue in the the world then this....thanks for any info or opinions you have
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It is fine to post your question here.  It sometimes takes a while to get an answer, first because this forum is handled by volunteers, and second because some of us pick to answer just those questions that we know most about, or have good information available to share. However,  our community leader is extremely knowledgeable and usually answers any questions that have not been handled, plus adds additional information to others.

Give it a little longer, and I bet someone will respond with relevant information or experience.  There is also a BC Expert forum where you could  post your question  (although they only take a limited number of questions per day, so keep trying if you decide to go that route).

Sorry  I don't have any answers for you, but wanted you to know that we care and do try to help with all sorts of breast issues.

Best wishes...
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Thanks so much bluebutterfly.  
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Still no answer, I see.  (Maybe everyone last night saw our names at the side and thought your question had been taken care of...) Sorry!

You could try the Expert forum, but maybe change your question a little, to ask their opinion, from their research and  experience, in regard to the best way of managing this condition , rather than "Has anyone experienced this issue?"  (But be prepared, because many times they  don't venture an opinion, just direct you back to "your treating physicians who have actually examined you and have acces to all  relevant medical information.")

Good luck!
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Like BB I truly want to help you,but I am afraid that I don't know much about your problem with this recurrent infection.
The only suggestion I can make, is to forget about this thread and try to post your question anew.
Our Community leader "Japdip" who is very knowledgeable about almost all breast problems, will hopefully respond to you and give you some advice.
So sorry for not being able to help you!
I wish you all the best...
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Thanks so much zouzi!
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