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cording/violin strings

Thanks for your posts re: cording/violin strings.  I am 20 months out from a lumpectomy with 3 sentinel nodes removed, and also had the cording appear a couple of weeks post surgery, that took a few months as I recall to resolve on its own.  During that time I was having PT for massaging the seroma that occured (no needle drainage necessary after the PT, as mine was resolving without the need for that), and they taught me how to apply kinesiotape to prevent Lymphedema.  This taping has always worked -- whenever I've felt the first signs of swelling (usually just my arm rubbing against my side during normal activity, unlike the other side (kinda like when your thighs rub together when you walk - ha!), I have my husband "tape me up" and within a day or so the swelling is usually "back down."  So this is the first time I have spontaneously had cording, so it is really catching me off guard and worrying me.  SOOOOO, spontaneous cording can come and go for no apparent reason?  Nothing to worry about cancer-wise?  Lymphedema wise?  I am not familiar with the massage techniques that help this.  Thanks for the link - I will look that up.  But if you have/know any more details about techniques for dealing with the cording, etc., I would greatly appreciate it!  Thanks so much!  GF

This discussion is related to cording caused by interupted Lymph system?.
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