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could use some feedback

A week ago I develop some soreness on my right pectorial area ( it feels like a bad sunburn) at the same time my right nipple became very sensitive ( almost feeling like somebody was pinching it) i also noticed that under my right arm armpit to rib cage area is really sore as well as my right shoulder blade back...  after telling my wife about this she ask me to take off my shirt and she said my right Brest was swollen when she started to push around the nipple area she noticed that it did not feel like the left side. Is all you sleep has us a little bit worried considering I'm the breadwinner of the family and she is about to give birth in the next day or so we set a doctors appointment for later this week but that does not help asleep tonight does anyone have any input on what this could be? Thank you for any advice
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Since men have less breast tissue than women,breast cancer is not that common,but even though it's rare,it can unfortunately happen particularly in older men.
The pain and swelling you are describing,could be many things and it's not necessarily something serious.It could be due to infection,a pectoral muscle inflammation or strain,or maybe Gynecomastia,which is a condition that usually occurs in young boys due to hormonal imbalance.However it can also happen in adult men.The symptoms usually present with swelling in one or both breasts,and a small lump might be present beneath the nipple.
It's really not easy to say for sure what is going on,but it's a good thing that soon you'll be seeing your doctor who will be able to evaluate your condition and perhaps order a blood test to check your hormone levels, and a mammogram or Ultrasound,especially if a lump is present beneath your nipple.
Make sure to let your doctor know exactly what type of medication you are taking,( If any) because some type of supplements or drugs and also excess alcohol could cause this condition.
All the best to you and your wife and soon to be born baby!  :)
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Sorry about the punctuation on that post, I'm not used to using my phone to post on message boards. And thank you for the reply

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