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cyst in duct

My friend has a cyst located in a duct.  According to the radiology dept at the hospital, surguery is required for a biopspy ( needle biopsies are not available for use  when the lump is located in the duct).  Is that true?  Also, is there increased risk if the lump is in the duct??  If it is cancer will it be necessary to remove the breast or only the lump and lymph nodes??
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Dear Early, The type of biopsy that is recommended will depend on different factors.  One factor is the amount of tissue that is needed in order to be sure to have an adequate sample to give information if there is cancer present or not.  The decision not to do a needle biopsy may be based on the concern that they might miss an abnormality because the size of the tissue removed is so small.

The breast tissue is made up of lobules (small sacs in the breast that produce milk) and ducts (the tubes that carry milk from the lobules to the nipple). Cancers originating in the ducts are more common than those originating in the lobules.  Breast cancers are divided generally into two types: invasive and noninvasive or in situ.  In situ cancers are contained within the duct, and have not spread out of the duct.  

There are various treatment options for breast cancer.  Until more information is known from the biopsy results can recommendations for the next step be made.
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