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I had the dx of nonhodgkins lymphona in 1981.  had a course of chem, a course of radiation and a final course or chemo.  Does this have any effect on the pancreas?  I have now developed diabetes w/o any family hx or current symptoms.  Endocrinologist states my pancreas is slowing down.  My radiation as from my naval down to just above my knees in the front and the back.  Chemo bleomyacin, high doses of prednisone, adriomyacin, vencrystin and cytoxin.
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Dear Dianna46:  It is unlikely that diabetes has developed from chemotherapy that occurred over 25 years ago.  It is theoretically possible that, if the pancreas was in the radiation field (you would need to check with your radiation oncologist), it could be damaged and diabetes could result.  You might also discuss this with your endocrinologist or family doctor who may be able to identify and other possible risk factors.  
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