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dry nipple?

Alright, i feel as though i should provide a bit of background information before my question- Im a 20 year old male college student and I am a bit of a hypochondriac and recently, I started to worry about male breast cancer.  I am in shape, i play football every week and there are no documented cases of breast cancer in the women of my family but i still have a concern...Last week I began examining myself and had a concern about what i believed to be a lump in my right breast which i later realized didnt feel discernably different from any other tissue in the area and that there was a certain degree of lumpiness no mater where i felt however, this also led to me checking for nipple discharge.  I read about eliciting nipple discharge by gently squeezing the nipple, however, what I did was not exactly gentle at all.  while there was no discharge, when i scratched my right nipple, i noticed a small amount of dry skin would come off.  this lead to me picking and pinching at the skin of my nipple and areola for quite some time trying to figure out what the cause could be.  My left nipple is more smooth and while a very minimal amount of dry skin could be removed, it wasnt nearly as prominent as in the right nipple. I continued to pick at the skin until i decided it wasnt a concern until the next day when i noticed a very small scab had formed where i had dug away at some dry skin. upon removal, the scab did not bleed until i squeezed the area and a very small drop of blood came out.  i noticed another small scab last night around the outside of the areola on top of a hair follicle.  both seem to be healing but the dryness of my right nipple persists and i can still remove what appears to be dead skin though i attempt to be more gentle.  I have never examined my nipples before so i dont know what is normal or if what i am experiencing is self inflicted.  My nipple is not itchy and does not feel irritated nor is it sore from anything other than the trauma i put it through but the dryness is still a concern as i am worrying that this maybe the scaliness referred to in the symptoms of male breast cancer.  Both nipples do not outwardly appear to be any different, one just feels rough while the other does not and i am trying to decide wether or not this should be something to worry about.

thank you for any information
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