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i m 23yrs(single) a few thick and long hair grew around the upper area of nipple of my only right breast.y is this so
and if i wanna remove them then how can i?or they will be remove automatically by the passage of time
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Some women when they approach menopause, can have this problem..but in your case,because you are still too young to be menopausal,it could indicate excessive androgen production that is a male hormone, but that women also produce.I would have this checked out by your doctor to make sure that there isn't any other reason causing  this problem.To remove the hair,the best way is plucking or have them removed by electrolysis. Only be careful because it is a very delicate area and you could run the risk of irritation and infection.I wouldn't try to use depilatories or shaving around this area, because the hair will grow more abundantly ...Take care..
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Pluck those suckers out!
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