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familial breast cancer

On my father's side, his mother and her sister never had b/c, but his mother's mother, my great grandma had very   late age b/c.  Her mother, which would be my great great grandma had early onset b/c.  My dad has two brothers and no male b/c.  My great grandma 's(who had late age b/c) sister did not have b/c.  Since I have no aunts on this side, am I at great risk?  My great grandma's sister had a daughter who has never had b/c either nor her daughter.  One of my dad's brother's did have late age melanoma, though it was secondary to lymphoma.  Should we consider testing?
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Dear lawa:  Familial breast cancer risk generally applies to first degree relatives (mother, sister, daughter).  More distant relatives are unlikely to increase your risk of breast cancer due to family history.  You might ask your doctor about this and if you are concerned, a genetic counselor could likely explain family risk and whether any additional work up would be appropriate.
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