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fat necrosis?

I had a lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy 8/27/09 on the left breast.  I had cellulitis around where the dye and isitope was injected three days post op which included most of the lower portion of the breast which was treated with keflex 500 mg four times a day for 30 doses.   For about a week I've had a two inch horizontal reddened area on the medial aspect of the breast which is just below the nipple.  The capillaries look inflammed in that area and there may be some greyish centers interspersed.  I went to the surgeon's office Friday, 9/25 and saw the PA.  They weren't able to tell me anything.  What could this be?
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This could be due to the infection you describe and there might also be some remaining infection in the area. If you can't get an answer from your Surgeon (not the PA) I would definitely consult either your Primary Care Physician or the Oncologist if you were referred to one. I would think after a month that this shouldn't be looking the way you describe. I suppose it might be fat necrosis but that ususally isn't evident on the skin surface. I would insist on an answer from one of your Dr.s !!    Regards ....
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