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fatigue after stereotactic biopsy

I had a stereotactic biopsy 5 days ago, and have had marked fatigue ever since. I am wondering if this is typical.The results were normal, and I am very relieved. I have some mild bruising and soreness at the area of the incision, but nothing severe. I just don't understand why I am still so tired.

The procedure was painful at the end, the lesion was near my chest wall so I think that might be why. Also, they did not seem to wait at all after injecting the lidocaine, as they do for dental surgery.
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First of all congratulations on your benign results! :)
Fatigue can be experienced by almost everyone.It is normally caused by physical stress,but another cause can also be due to emotional stress.
You went through so much lately....Worrying about the abnormality in your breast,the biopsy procedure,pain and the very stressful time waiting for your results.All this happening, have the added symptom of fatigue.
Give your emotions time to settle down and I am sure you'll feel better soon.
If your fatigue persists,talk to your doctor to make sure that it's not caused by an underlying medical problem that requires some type of treatment.
Wishing you all the best...
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