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green discharge in both breasts

I am 42 yaers old.I have three children ages 23,19 and 7.
After the birth of my seven year old(I was 34 years old)
The discharge from both my breasts have never stopped.
I have had a mammogram,normal,
breast ultra sound,normal
prolactin test,normal
thyroid tests,normal,ct of my pituitory ,normal.
I dont take any medications and I am not on birth control.
I am also negative for galactorrea.
I am being watched with some ovary type growth going on.
I also have a thyroid goiter .
I have been told this dark green discharge could be nothing.
All my tests are normal according to my md and geno.
Is this true??
I am worried if I go with this advice my heath could be at risk.
Thank you so much for your time
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Green breast discharge can be cause by Duct Ectasia (periductal mastitis). This often occurs in women in their 40s and 50s. Antibiotics are sometimes prescribed for this condition and if this doesn't help then sometimes the duct is removed surgically. It can also be due to Fibrocystic changes within the breast. If this continues I would suggest that you consult a Breast Specialist since there exists some form of treatment   Regards ....
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