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hard lump on ribs

i have a hard lump that has grown in size on my left side above my breast on my 2 nd and 3rd rib, i was told by a since the lump has been there i also have a small lump both on my neck and under my arm,doctor that it was just a rib but then told it was a lump, but not anything else, i have drenching nite sweats every niye and have breathing problems , my doctors just dont seem bothered or interested
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I understand your concern that your symptoms are not being taken seriously, but based on the limited information you have provided, it is difficult to even quess what might be going on. You did not mention your age,  what, if any, tests have been done (bloodwork? X-rays? mammogram? ultrasound?), or what, if any, other health conditions you have.

Therefore, the only suggestions I have would be for you to discuss your concerns again with your doctor(s), to make sure you fully understand their assessment of your symptoms, or to seek another opinion if you do not have faith in your current doctors.

Best wishes...
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The breathing problems are a concern. Go back to them with that as your chief compliant.
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