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hart small/tiny pebble-like stones in breast

My girlfriend has recently noticed two small real hard, but small almost like rocks in her left breast.  They are located at the bottom of her breast and is scheduled for an exam and mammo.  She says that they do not hurt.  She smokes--alot, and has since she was 13, she is now 44.  She is attempting to quit.  She is thin and very active and very healthy considering the smoking.  She has lost approx. 10 pounds over the last few months, which makes her extremely thinner than normal.  Please advise if anyone has similar symptoms or can give us any advice at all.  
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It would be very difficult to say anything without a clinical examination and certain investigations including a mammogram and ultrasound.

The lumps could be due to various causes - both benign and malignant. You should help he tp quit smoking at the earliest - for other harmful effects on the health.

She definitely needs to see a doctor for a proper clinical examination and certain investigations including blood tests and mammogram and ultrasound to come to a difinite diagnosis and plan further management.

Do mention the weight loss to your doctor.
Let us know what he advises and how she is doing now.
Hope this helps.
Good luck.
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