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hot water and lymphedema

Hi all,
I'm a 4-year breast cancer survivor.  My friend had breast cancer recently; she's had a lumpectomy, and had several lymph nodes in the armpit removed. Her onc told her that, due to the risk of getting lymphedema, she could never put her arm in warm water again.  No hot tubs, no tub baths, no swimming.    I'm an avid swimmer, and I've had no problems whatsoever using hot tubs at the gym. Is this a new precaution?
Survivor Susie
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Hi Susie,
I have pasted part of an information I have found for you.
It's quite long to read,but I think that the advice given is very good to prevent lymphedema.
You'll find the link at the bottom of my comment.                                    

    * Don't take unusually hot baths or showers.
    * Don't go from extreme hot to cold water temperatures when you bathe or wash dishes.
    * Don't go into high-heat hot tubs, saunas, or steam baths.
    * Don't apply heating pads or hot compresses to the arm, neck, shoulder, or back on the affected side. Also, be cautious of other heat-producing treatments provided by physical, occupational, or massage therapists, such as ultrasound, whirlpool, fluidotherapy, or deep tissue massage. Heat and vigorous massage encourage the body to send extra fluid into the compromised area...


Best wishes to both you and your friend...
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