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husband has grape like lump under right nipple

Hi ,
My husband has a grape sized softish lump under his right nipple that is scaring the life out of me. He says the lump is tender and becomes more tender the more it is touched.
he has been to see the doctor and has confirmed that he has not, so far, any of the other symptoms ie discharge, puckering of the skin lumps in arm pirs  etc, and has referred him to the breast clinic which is about 2 weeks before his apt.
The doctor has informed my husband that he doesnt think it is cancer and that he wishes to send him to the referral as a precaution to cross the t's and dot the i's was his words.
My questions is , do doctors tend to refer all breast lumps or may he possibly think that there is another problem with the lump hence the referral. I have been on numerous websites and they have all scared me to death so thought maybe this one would give an answer that could offer alternatives. Do breast cancer lumps generally show them self as painless? He is 36 and is healthy with no other health issues that we are aware of.
Thanks for listeniung to me babble and apologies for the extra long question,
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I'm pretty sure if there are any symptoms even remotely similar to cancer your doctor has to do all required tests to make sure it's not - the longer something like that is left the worse it'll get.You're doctor is just taking a necassary precaution so don't worry.
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Your doctor is taking a prudent approach by having your husband checked out by people who deal with a variety of breast issues every day.  Whatever  the lump is, it will be taken care of and your husband will be looked after.  As you wait for your appointment and for test results, try to focus on what you know is true and not all the "what-ifs" that try to crowd your brain.  The waiting can be the hardest part.  Try not to spend too much energy in worry.  Take each step at a time and focus on doing that step as well as possible.  We are hoping that this turns out to be something minor that is over soon.  If it is something serious, well, most of us in the community have been through the serious stuff, and we are here to help.  

Don't worry about babbling.  You have no idea what people have listened to me go on about, and hopefully, you never will.  
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hi there,
thanks for your comments, it it so so easy to panic before required so i am trying to contain it!
My husband did have blood tests done when he initially went to the docs and was told that it for to test the hormone levels.He has called them this morning for results and has been told that they are clear!. Is this a good or bad sign and what exaclty does that indicatte. I am assuming that it rules out certain types of lumps that are caused by imbalances but it has not been explained to him in any detail and i think hes starting to get a little worried now himself.
thanks again for you comments!!!!
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