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hysterectomy after breast cancer
I had breast cancer 13 years ago at the age of 43.  Estrogen receptor positive, invasive ductile, 1 cm.   I had a lumpectory, axillary dissection 1 week later - 21 nodes were removed, all negative.  I had radiation but no chemotherapy.  My aunt (mother's sister) died of breast cancer.  I went thru menopause at age 45.
Now I need to have a hysterectomy (I'm 56) because of a "dropped" uterus.  My doctor said she will remove my ovaries if she is able to reach them (I'm having a vaginal hysterectomy).  Otherwise, she feels it would be ok to leave them.  
My question is this - Am I at higher risk of ovarian cancer because of the breast cancer, and if so, shouldn't my ovaries definitely be removed, even if it will require having to have a laprascopic assisted hysterectomy?
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