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i have a hard lump under my right nipple and im 13 what is is?

i have a hard and painful lump under my right nipple, half of the nipple is swolen and around it my skin burns. my aunt said it might be a cyst but i want to know for sure what it is????!!

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Hi.  That hard and painful lump under your right nipple may just be a breast bud, which is part of the normal changes which happen as your body begins to mature during puberty.  There is a chance that the lump could be some sort of infection (cellulitis), so you may also want to have it checked by a doctor, just to be sure it's not anything serious.
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Can boys get Breatbuds?
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i have a breast infection and im only 13. i dont get why i have one? is it normal or not? i looked at all the websistes and they all say its when you breats feed but i obviosuly dont. help please?
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I'm 13 also, and I have one, so I think this is pretty normal for someone going through puberty.
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