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i ma 14 and have liquid coming out of a lump in my nipple

i am only 14 and i got this weird lump under my left nipple several months ago.  It is starting to go away but just a couple weeks ago i got one under my right nipple.  Unlike the first one, this one hurts when when you poke it!!  I was reading other posts and they said to squeeze it to see if any discharge came out.  I squeezed and a little bit of clear liquid came out.  I told my mom about the first lump, but i dont want to tell her about this one because liquid came out.  Please tell me this is nothing to worry about and tell me more information than to just see a doctor.  I am really scared i have breast cancer or something. I know it is extremely rare among kids and i probably have gynecomastia or something, but i looked up gynecomastia and it was saying how it occurs mostly in tall or overweight kids and i am neither.  it also talked about an enlarging in the breast but my problem is just in the nipple.  Your response is extremly appreciated.

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HI there.

First of all, it is extremely uncommon for a person your age to develop breast cancer.  These discharges are most likely be due to hormonal changes, which in a teenager, can be erratic and fluctuate throughout a menstrual cycle.  The presence of infection is also a possibility, especially if accompanied by swelling, and the discharge is foul smelling. If this is the case, a course of antibiotics may be warranted.   As you have pre-empted, it is still best to have this checked by your doctor.

Regards and God bless.
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